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It makes no sense at all that in the midst of perhaps the busiest I have ever been in my life…I am taking the time to enjoy making new friends on twitter.  I do not actively participate in "anyspace" or "anybook" or any other social venue. There is something about the "short and sweet" sharing that appeals to me…which is very odd as I am a woman of endless words.  I love the exchange of intellect…humor…diversity in every aspect…and as I have friends from all over the world…it seems only natural that my new extended family are people whose interests are altogether different than mine.  There are the spoofsters…the brainiacs…those who share fascinating stories or heartfelt accounts …hobbies or personal accomplishments…a virtual library of reading and a plethora of flavor. And…I am learning not to judge a book by its cover.  Plenty of people would have voted that Ashton Kutcher was just another pretty face.  Who knew there was a seriously inquisitive brain in there too ???  He is all over the charts with diversified interests.  His lovely wife has long been a favorite of mine…and while she is not constantly on twitter…I am hoping she will light a fire under him and persuade him to tackle a significant and meaningful project along with his primary sponsor.  I dared him…and he is a fly by the seat of his pants go for it kind of guy who loves a good challenge as much as anyone.  I just don’t ever want to end up on his punk’d list.  As for the countless young women whose profiles and pictures are scantily clad or offering "adult" content (why ? why ? why ?)…we all have bodies…to drool over or make us laugh…but I hope some of you re-think what the future may hold for you…and how someday you might wish your pictures were not out there in virtual land in the possession of heaven only knows what purpose.  We are all human and entitled to relate in whatever way we sit fit as adults…but remember there are some wonderful kids enjoying twitter too.  It takes but a few seconds to make a good impression and the same amount of time do the opposite.  Discretion is always a thoughtful way to go when the general public is involved.  Anyway…off my soap box and back to the work at hand.  Thanks again for sharing bits and pieces of what makes you who you are.  At the moment reading and relating through twitter is the best part of my day…every day. 

I have spent months silently whining about "great" works of art stolen from my lips and taken word for word from letters I wrote…only to be published and claimed to be the work of someone else.  Studios who have made hundreds of millions of dollars each…do not care to even sit down and talk nicely…despite knowing I was not interesting in suing for past projects…approached sweetly with a heartfelt eloquent letter…waving the olive branch in peace with the best of intentions.  It seems if you are not litigating…you do not exist.  To get reasonable representation requires being referred by one of the existing clients.  Obtaining an attorney means vast expense to view documents…all so I can sit down and forgive those who have done me great harm.  I spent seven weeks believing in what seemed to be a positive response from a major studio…only to get a basic "shoo-fly don’t bother me" generic reply in return.  I volunteered to be deposed by studio legal folks…with or without legal representation of my own…as what I had to say is provable beyond any shadow of a doubt.  I was offended to the very depths of my soul…and then I discovered Twitter.  In the blink of an eye your whole mood can change as the expectations…trials and tribulations of other wonderful people wandering the planet put it all in perspective.  In go the dirty laundry…some water and some soap…and if I am patient and diligent enough…it will all come out in the wash.  Which prompts me to ask my next question…have you ever had anything of value stolen…and what was it ?  Theft of intellectual property is the worst…because it was part of my own heart and soul.  There is nothing quite like making millions laugh and cry in the theater and rocking the world in song…while rubbing two pennies together trying to feed your kids…while others feed off of you.  I must have been tasty…because they kept coming back for more !!!


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