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Dreaming In The Buff

Posted on: May 14, 2010

My first ever trip to Albuquerque could have been construed to be ill fated at best.  I marched off to the airport like a girl scout on a mission to save someone.  My heart fluttered with excitement in anticipation of a "first" meeting many years after a "first" and only date.  Someone needed help…and this was clearly a job I could handle.  During the course of my shuttle ride to the hotel…I poured out heart and soul to the only other passenger in the shuttle van.  I told him I was meeting someone who was very special in every way.  My normal cool and calm exterior felt like a swarm of butterflies were landing on me from every direction.  I found being unnerved quite funny for the fearless and tough old girl I have always been.  I explained I had not dated in many, many years…no dinners shared…not even a single kiss.  The gentleman in the shuttle was excited for me.  He had been so very much in love with his beautiful bride with whom he shared more than three decades before sadly losing her to illness.  The wistful look upon his face spoke volumes of the intensity and depth of his love for her.  We arrived at our destination… wished each other well…and went our seperate ways.   My next day consisted of spending hours and hours sitting patiently in the lobby for a ride that would never come.  At the risk of sounding vain…I was truly beautiful.  A radiant smile graced my face in anticipation of the new chapter I was about to begin.  My below waist length hair lay in soft curls cascading down my shoulders… accenting the curves of my dress.  I applied a very tiny amount of makeup…an unusual move on my part.  I was in fact pretty as a picture…a fact many people during the day had commented on as I sat patiently waiting.  After all the flight options for the day had come and gone and trains had departed for the last run of the evening…it became clear to me that an additional night’s stay was imminent.  I shook my head in disbelief…booked an additional night at the hotel and flights to return home the following day.  My evenly paced phone calls had met with undesirable results…dead air.   As I prepared to gather my suitcase and carry bags…the gentleman from the previous day’s shuttle spotted me from across the lobby.  He approached in a most curious manner as he knew I should have been long gone.  He asked how my meeting had turned out  and was anxious to hear how exciting the day had been.  His expression quickly fell to resemble one that mirrored my own disbelief.   We talked while I checked in…and he carried my suitcase…as any gentleman would.  We went back over the day’s events…covering conversations…guessing at possibilities… unable to have an inkling between us as to what went wrong.  I thanked him for wheeling my suitcase along and he left.  A phone call I received shortly afterward offered not an explanation…but at least the relief that my friend was not in fact dead on the floor or something equally horrific.  He insisted that I get something to eat as I had not done so all day…afraid to leave my post in the lobby lest we might miss each other somehow.  I went to the restaurant and bar area where some food was still being served.  The place was filled to capacity with only one seat vacant…next to my shuttle bus friend.  The burgers we devoured were washed down gently with cold drinks…and we continued our discussion about my situation… equally perplexed.  My friend called to say we would meet very early in the morning and I stepped outside to have a chance to talk privately.  I returned to finish what I could eat of my meal…and asked for the bill.  The waitress gave the gentleman his bill and reached to set mine down in front of me.  He swooped in and took my bill for food and drinks faster than you could blink an eye.  As I thanked him for his kindness…he said there was one more thing.  He wanted to make sure the trip was not a total waste…as I had accomplished nothing.  He stood up…and kissed me on the lips in front of a bevy of strangers  looking on in admiration.  And then he kissed me again.  He said I could no longer say I had not been kissed for a very, very long time.   If I were the kind of girl to kiss and tell…it would be a story of soft velvety lips meeting in a most unexpected manner.  As I look back over the few photos taken and my one little momento of my ill fated journey to Albuquerque…I hope in my heart that the memory I will take away is not the one of humiliation and despair…but of the kindness shown by a stranger whose admiration was duly noted.   Sentiments expressed would clearly have been excellent candidates for the mutual admiration society.  So…if you ever find yourself a little blue…feeling stranded and disappointed…know in your heart that while the cowboy boot you were trying on for size may not be the perfect fit after all…there may be a soft smooth pair of suede pumps that do.   As I crept into bed last night in the comfort of my own bed…it was this very thought I pondered as I drifted off to sleep…dreaming in the buff. 

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