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I have an incredible place in Paris to enjoy… strolled for hours shopping for the perfect pair of boots today.  The streets were filled with families… students on break…shops bursting at the seams with endless activity.  Yesterday was spent in an amazing hammam where I was steamed… scrubbed and massaged with perfumed oils in a setting both luxurious and feminine in every way.  I have explored the streets of Paris smiling ear to ear…enjoyed a leisurely lunch in a cafe sure to please with every visit.  While I am far from my traditional Paris setting…my new location is perfect in every way.  Simply by walking out the door…my eyes are treated to the delightful images of boats in the canal…people holding hands… friends kissing on the cheeks and spring time in a city that never sleeps.  The air smells ever so fresh whether you are sitting in a cafe sipping on a local wine or admiring the freshly baked breads and pastries.  I hope your Easter is the most memorable one you have ever known and that wherever you may be in this wonderful planet of ours…that you take time to be thankful for every breath…all the loved ones you have known… excitedly anticipating all the joy in life that perhaps awaits…just around the next corner.    
After the first five minutes in my hotel room in Italy…private balcony overlooking the ocean…stunning day…sunny… beautiful beaches that made me consider canceling my flight to Paris.  Answering a knock at the door…I was greeted by the most beautiful roses I have ever seen in my life.  I have many new countries to write about and more than a thousand new pictures to share…but for tonight…I will sit in my room and smell the fragrance of the nicest part of my day.  Someone I know is incredibly thoughtful.  I promise to write more when and if my feet ever touch the ground again.  Italy is amazing !!!  
About ten years ago I decided to live my life in a fulfilling manner… and to celebrate special occasions in memorable ways.  I conjured up a rule to ensure the passing of each year would be a unique celebration.  With each new birthday I have to go somewhere I have never been…do something I have never done…and gift myself with something "meaningful".  The response I get from strangers never ceases to amaze me.  Most people get a look of surprise on their face followed by deeply delightful thinking…wondering where they might go…what they might do and what gift they might imagine for themselves.  I personally think there should be a birthday club where great suggestions and successful celebrations are shared.  As I look forward to beginning my own journey…this year promises to not only be longer but also more elaborate than previous years.  My doctor came in the room beaming today and proclaimed…"Red Rock".  He had never seen a concert at Red Rock amphitheater in the Denver area…a picturesque setting he will now look forward to enjoying with a concert venue chosen and birthday plans swirling around in his head.  I am of course somewhat prejudiced but I think my birthday rule should be enjoyed by everyone.  Planning such an event is fun in itself.  Knowing that turning the page and becoming a year older will be marked in a magnificent manner you chose for yourself can be exhilarating.  It does not matter what time of year in which your birthday lands…only that you use the imagination you have and do something you will be able to look back on and enjoy for years to come.  I will be happy to provide a photo documentation of my smiling face along my journey.  My sister noted that this is the year of the tiger…and I am a tiger.  Happy Birthday to all Pisces readers…and that goes double if you are left handed.  I am approaching my new decade with gratitude and appreciation for all I have known and all those who have come into my life over the years.  May each and every one of you have a delightful year… memorable in every way.  


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