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The Fable of Mabel’s Table

Posted on: September 20, 2009

This is the fable of Mabel’s table…a tale intricately woven with a message to heed…and a happy ending indeed.  Somewhere far across the land lived a childless woman and a very kind man.  She placed in his hands her future… though time would only tell…a split second choice to trust him would prove to serve her well.  His job was watching stocks and bonds in a place that bore his name.  He sought not thanks…or even fame…just earnest effort and security to retain.  A nest egg was built over months and years… bringing smiles to faces… dissipating fears… a future looking like solid gold…evolved from integrity that refused to be sold.  Her olden years were filled with joy and comforts she had grown to love…never once forgetting to give her daily thanks to the man above.  Alas one day she passed away…leaving gratitude and gifts to stay.  Her worldly goods were divided up and shared among a heartfelt few …charities she loved and knew.  Among the goods was a special table on which she placed her favorite bible.  Many years would come and go…the table was passed to and fro as one and another passed away…until it came to rest one day.  I was at my father’s side when he asked what I enjoyed about our special day…and as I remembered Mabel most fondly…would I take her bible home to stay ?  I packed it deep within my things…flew back home with all that brings.  A few years later…Dad passed away.  My brothers…sisters and I inherited all the rest…began the task of dividing his best.  Color coded tags  marked heartfelt items near and dear.  Rock-paper-scissors would decide if two tags graced one thing.  My greatest possession of them all…was my grandmother’s treasured ring.  As we went around and around encouraging each other to lay claim to a little more…I spotted a beautiful old table…alone  by the sliding door.  I gently placed a sticker…and would have thought no more…if it had not been turned upside down to be carried across the floor.  On the bottom of the lovely wood was a note both faint and small.  It read… "always placed upon this table was the bible belonging to Mabel".  And so it is to this very day…the simple truth within this tale…the bible once beloved by a kind hearted lady named Mabel…resides once again upon her very own table.


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