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Happy Birthday America !!!

Posted on: June 26, 2009

I can honestly say that being tired took on a whole new meaning yesterday.  I have worked so unbelievably hard the past few days that while walking back to the lake cabin…with a half rack of baby back ribs in my hand…I considered the very real (albeit remote) possibility that I could encounter a bear on my way back.  I was so beyond any normal image of the word "tired" that I decided…if a bear came charging out of the woods in my direction…I would simply sit down and say "bon appetite"…and hope he enjoyed the meal.  You know you are tired when you would sincerely rather be eaten by a bear than to make any effort at all to escape.  I have been exhausted before…but that was a new experience …even for me.  On the way back to the lake the following day…my daughter pointed out a dead bear laying by the side of the road.  She figured a car must have hit it…but I wondered to myself if it had perhaps eaten something that did not agree with it.  Oddly enough…the dead bear was two blocks the other direction away from the barbeque restaurant where I had purchased my baby back ribs and piece of New York style cheesecake.  Both were well worth the walk…even at the risk of being someone else’s dinner.  I wandered even further north for the 4th of July celebrations…and hope everyone had an equally nice holiday… and with any luck at all…my lake home will have survived the party that no doubt took place in my absence.  Back on blogging track soon…I promise.


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