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For Every Jack There Is A Jill

Posted on: June 16, 2009

I have long believed that for every Jack…there is a Jill.  My firm conviction about this simple truth lends itself to many different applications. Everyone has a job that is picture perfect for them.  Most people have simply never found it yet.  Similarly…somewhere out there is a tender loving soul whose nuances may well fit every nook and cranny of your personality and needs. I will spare you the details of my own personal "soul mate" beliefs…a bit different than most…but will share a small story about possessions in the physical sense. I just returned from yet another trip to the little beach home…as I am focusing on perpetual elimination of belongings from homes until all are suitably empty.  People looking to buy items from a virtual stranger can be quite funny.  The sea of faces hold a myriad of expressions…smiles at discovering an incredible find…tongue buried in cheek filled with sheer determination to barter or bargain for the best possible deal…angst written all over some faces as they hope their best offer can seal the deal…and then there are those whose "perfect fit" of an item resembles a loving relationship.  Yesterday promised to provide a lovely sampling of such faces…and it did not disappoint.  There was a "serious" bargain hunter playing the half price game…seemingly willing to walk…only to be roped in by my willingness to do the same.  She walked off with a couple of gorgeous very reasonably priced recliners in pristine condition …and a tv stand she had not considered.  I was at one time a world class negotiator…a fact I seldom mention and almost never use to my own advantage.  In the crowd of potential buyers was a most attractive looking couple that needed a bit of help in realizing the perfection of their choice…by affording the time for them to bond with the item that will no doubt enhance the quality of their lives.  In a moment of human kindness I volunteered free delivery to a remote location many, many miles away…a fact that annoyed my sister…though she was not surprised by my actions.  She took the opportunity at one point to stand in the room full of strangers and let them know of my "Jack and Jill" theory…as the one angst filled face needed soothing.  One gentleman was so tickled by his good fortune that he gave me a bonus…which I promptly spent on lunch for my sister and myself.  I then returned the favor by adding an unexpected free piece of furniture that will compliment his treasured choice…so all was well with the world.  The tongue in cheek couple left with smiles plastered all over their faces…and then she came back a while later with a small child in tow.  I can honestly say I have never seen anyone quite so enamored with a piano.  Granted…it is a stunningly beautiful old piece of history…an upright with noble roots and lovely sound.  I recently placed an ad for a bison ottoman which I accurately described as the only piece of furniture I had ever owned that made you want to pet it.  The ad drew immediate response and was sold sight unseen with a waiting list hoping the buyers would somehow change their mind.  But the piano…for all of its virtue simply stood in the alcove and did its own advertising.  I have never seen a musical instrument stroked with such tender loving care.  Hands caressed every inch of the fine wood…and cascaded down the front.  Music wafted through the air with panache and style worthy of any concert hall.  In the eyes of the beholder…my piano was clearly an intimate object of her affection.  My sister knew enough to roll her eyes in anticipation of what was coming next. The piano lover had very little resources and began biting her lower lip…almost afraid to ask what the asking price might be…and yet knowing this was somehow a matter that however impossible…must simply be arranged.  She played for an hour or so…and then sat wringing her hands together.  If you have ever seen the expression on the face of a young boy longing for his first video game system…or a teenage girl drooling over her first prom dress…or the look in the eye of a hopeful young bride when viewing rings at a jewelry store…you know there are some things in life that just have to happen.  There are reasons why I do not sell cars or material possessions for profit.  My heart gets the best of me every single time…and I find myself working against my own best interest to make things possible for someone else. The piano will find its way to the new home next weekend…and eventually I will get paid something unless my judge of character is out of whack.  So…all in all it was a good weekend.  I drove nearly a thousand miles…put smiles on a bunch of faces and with the exception of the bargain hunter…can honestly say that each item I parted with will be loved more than could reasonably be expected.  For every Jack…there really is a Jill…

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