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I Love Discount Internet Booking Options !!! Free Advertising From The Comfort Of My Room

Posted on: June 10, 2009

I should have slept like a box of rocks last night.  I was in the middle of an incredibly comfortable bed.  I swam like a fish nonstop…for at least an hour.  I retreated to the warming massage of the whirlpool jets…and succumbed to the urge to look skyward and simply relax and enjoy the night.  Across from me was a nice basketball court…not too big not too small…just right.  A small collection of guys stood pondering the benefits of swimming or playing ball.  We briefly exchanged opinions on the clouds above the pool.  The night before had been a bit blustery.  Last night was perfect for me…a gentle light breeze and a pool that was neither too warm nor cold in any way.  As I ascended out of the pool I announced that the clouds now had my permission to rain if they so chose to behave in that fashion.  You just have to love booking last minute reservations at a hotel you would never have known existed…if it were not for internet booking giants.  My favorite is considerably more than warm…and electric in nature if you get my drift.  This is not a plug of sorts…but I do not know the rules of engagement about use of corporate names in blogs.  I dropped off my fellow traveler and my cell phone went dead.  I found a brand name coffee spot and plugged in to hop online and choose a hotel for the night.  I wanted a pool.  I booked through my favorite "guess where you might be staying" web site…and was extremely pleased with what I found upon my arrival.  A veritable feast was laid out for guests to enjoy as a complimentary midweek routine.  My room turned out to be a large suite with a full sized kitchen (stove, fridge, sink, dishwasher, pantry stocked) and an office area with desk and credenza…a nice living room…great grooming facilities and a wonderful place to lay my head.  A full breakfast is served as part of the deal…as is the free shuttle service that drove me to choose a new bikini.  Yes…I said bikini.  I know…now you are scared…right ???  I opted for a well known "discount" (bulls eye) department store and found one lone bathing suit hanging on the rack looking less than appealing.  The bottom portion had waffle foot prints and the top portion had been dragged across a newly deodorized armpit with all the telltale signs.  Needless to say…I decided to go for a bikini instead.  I was kind enough to other guests to wear a light top over my suit.  With all of two hours of sleep in the magnificent bed…I got up and began my ritual of posting ads as I make yet another trek to check on the house by the bay and empty the remainder of the furniture and contents before someone else does it for me.  I have had intruders on three occasions now and am less than humored by whomever it is that simply cannot resist going through my things.  But for now…I will enjoy the last bit of my room…in a place I would have never found on my own without internet booking and maps to guide me along.  And if you happen to be along the interstate between Oregon and Washington and see a crazy lady dancing in her seat when she should be focusing on driving…that will be me.  You are never too old to rock out to great tunes or to howl at the top of your lungs all the lyrics you "think" might be in any given song…and to sing and not dance is simply wrong. 

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