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What’s In A Name ???

Posted on: May 17, 2009

On the drive back from Los Angeles…my youngest daughter and I stopped to visit a couple of my oldest and dearest friends. We were met with a very warm and welcome greeting…hugs all around and settled in for the night.  I awoke to the smell of everything you could possibly imagine might grace the table at breakfast time.  My friend cheerfully declined to allow me to help with anything…so I parked myself momentarily and then edged off the chair to help with just a few things. Just about when breakfast was ready to be served…in walked my youngest child…Molly.  Molly is not her real name…but an adopted nickname she was given when we visited years ago.  My friend’s husband has to be one of the sweetest people on the planet earth…and is loving and generous to everyone he meets.  For some reason he had it in his head that her name was Molly…and simply could not shake the notion no matter how hard he tried.  Finally he threw his hands up in the air and said "well…she just looks like a Molly to me".  Every time I mention my child by name…both my friend and her husband say "who" ???  I correct myself to call her Molly and the conversation goes on without a hitch.  At the breakfast table my daughter mentioned the baby book that had sealed her fate.  Each parent had the job of putting a pencil check mark next to names they liked.  It turned out that in the girl’s name department…there was only one name with two marks…and that is how her moniker was chosen.  She took the opportunity to tell my friend that I had a check mark next to her name.  My friend was flattered and relieved at the same time as she had never liked her own name.  It had been shortened and altered slightly during childhood as happens to many a good name.  My friends have long struggled over my own name…as I had changed my name (first and last) during my "I am a professional model and now will become an actress" phase.  For nearly all of my adult life…everyone…and I do mean everyone… called me by my stage name.  A decade or so ago I was duped into relocating to a tiny town in another state…where (little did I know) the love of my life would soon take up residence.  As the wheels of progress could not be turned back and I had two young kids tucked under my arm…I opted to change back to my maiden name out of respect for the new family my sweetie had picked up along the way.  As it turns out…I was the only one being respectful and should never have afforded the kindness or courtesy…as neither were deserved by any stretch of the imagination.  All I managed to accomplish was to confuse my employment records…goof up my dmv items…throw a monkey wrench into my credit…and confused the living daylights out of my own friends and family.  My Dad referred to my maiden name as my "last known alias" until the day he died.  My lifelong friends have never warmed to the idea of the "new" name.  At times I have been tempted to change it back…but even with that notion in mind…a whole new series of events would be expected to follow.  As I went to give hugs and kisses goodbye to my beloved friends…she grabbed my hair and said…"and after your birthday we can cut this hair and at least put blonde streaks in it".  I had almost forgotten the blonde tresses that went along with the name that had been so carefully chosen many years before. Lots of people voted and took an interest…suggestions were made…film history was considered for similarity…the name was bounced off people for recognition sake…and surprisingly nearly everyone knew they had seen me in a film or tv show I had never appeared on.  It was a good name…and I might want it back…but first I have to grow my waist length hair the last few inches to prepare for my Lady Godiva birthday photo taken from the back side of me…as all good birthday photos should be at my age.  I shall don a flesh colored bodysuit and have a lovely photo of my beautiful long locks…and then chop them off for a good cause.  In the end I will have yet another fun picture for my kids to remember me by long after I gone.  I wonder what Lady Godiva thought of her name ???  


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