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Sometimes When We Touch…

Posted on: January 13, 2009

This is a “food for thought” article, sharing stories of real people, whose lives were touched, if not forever changed, by this author.  The vast majority of people on this fine planet would gladly help a friend, a neighbor or family member in need.  I was born to be just a bit different.  When I see or hear anyone in need, my heart goes out to them.  My mind starts spinning, determined to figure a way to somehow make it better.  I  have finally come to the realization.  I cannot actually save the world.  This was a heartbreaking pill to swallow, for an old dreamy eyed girl.  The numbers became too great, traumas handed out to wonderful people, simply too many to fix.  I have lived my entire life by the golden rule.  Someone must have really drilled this one into my head, because I took it to heart.  My stories now number in the thousands, most of whom I do not even remember, unless someone prods my memory into action, recalling some favorite cherished deed.  I have helped folks, sadly burned out of their homes, funded transplant patients, young and elderly alike.  I have adopted senior citizens, made possible incredible journeys and events for severely disabled kids.  There have been countless terminally ill people taken under my wing, college educations provided, surgeries financed, executed help with homes.  Accident victims have been given a helping hand, computers and playground equipment provided, prom dresses, food pantries stocked and much, much more.  I have bought a number of vehicles for those with no transportation, have comforted those left behind by loved ones, forgotten folks with families unwilling or unable to see the need in front of their face.  Mine is a world without need of thanks, where my only request is for the recipient of kindness to realize, another human being cared enough about them, to make a difference.  By remaining anonymous…I have eliminated the need for gratitude or feeling indebted.  The odds of anyone I have helped, actually seeing my writing, are slim to none.  If, by chance they did, I would point out the very great possibility, it is merely a chance coincidence.  People all over the world do wonderful things for other human beings, every single day.  Some of my renderings have been on a grand scale.  Others are fairly simple acts of kindness, anyone can and should do given the opportunity.  We are but a minuscule part of this wonderful universe. Every part of humanity is affected by your own actions, good and bad.  As you walk through life, make your footprints count.  The impression you leave behind is often something others will remember, long after you have moved on.  Make it a good one, with an attitude worth remembering.  As I begin my series of human interest stories, stop, look and listen to those around you.  You will be surprised at what you can learn from strangers.  Even the busiest of us can somehow find time to do more, when the need is truly there.   My cup may be empty at the moment, but the bottomless well of human kindness will never be allowed to run dry.  Lesson learned. Give smart, not just from the heart.  Benevolence is big business.  Let the experts teach you how.

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~ In the mirror of my heart, when i look inside i see:
Your wishes, dreams, thoughts & soul
reflected directly straight back to me…
They connect in one brief, blinding flash then divide, to provide loves’ warm sash

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